Student Opinions


Bengü Sönmez

I am Bengü Sönmez. I am fourth-grader in the Department of Tourism management in Atılım University.
After completing my vocational school education which is 2 year-long, I attended DGS examination and began Atılım University. I am awarded with 100% Honour Scholarship right now.
In my first year in Atılım University, I had some concerns related with my friends, my instructions and the sufficiency of my former education. The first thing that destroyed my concerns is the mail group that is established for Atılım University Tourism Management Students, the other thing is our Traditional Department Party. Following organizations enable me to establish close friendship with my friends and feel belonging to my department. It can be observed that I improve my theoretical and practical knowledge day by day. I want to say thank you to my friends, my instructors and my university to discover my willingness and  make it bigger. .


I am Merve Başağaç. I am fourth-grader in the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management in Atılım University.
I have many thing to say about my university and department such as high quality education and the devotion of my instructors…However, it is hard to mention about this shortly.
I understand better the value of my education and its contribution to my life now.
I have started to work in an international chain hotel before I completed my education as a result of the quality of my education and the quality of my summer trainings. This experience makes me to understand that the education in our department prepare us to job interviews and our occupation. I want to say thank you to my instructors for their support and their guidance in direct of our life.



I am Marianne Koch. I spent my exchange semester in the Tourism Management Department and I had the time of my life. 
I enjoyed good and interesting education and what is more I found great friends and I had very nice classmates. 
Everyone offered me help and in total I had a very pleasant stay which I will always remember very positively.
What is more the education in my department completed and added up to my home education so that was very advantageous.

Merhaba, my name is Rebecca Kennedy. I am German and I study in the
My exchange fall semester (2011-2012) at Atilim University was very multisided. I studied
in the Tourism Management Department and met a lot of nice people and teachers.
The University itself is very nice, despite the fact that it was still under construction. Also people were always very willing to help and hospitable. Although I found the English level and educational levelimprovable I enjoyed my Semester a lot. Especially outside University Ankara offered many  ctivities and I would always recommend students to spend their exchange in Ankara. I learned about the turkish culture and exchanged different sentiments which is a benefit for a lifetime. It would have been nice if there were more exchange students going to Atilim to also meet more internationals but all in all I relished my four month of Erasmus and I will never forget this fantastic experience, thanks to Atilim.