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Tourism Sector In The World and In The Country

Tourism, which is one of the most important sectors in the world, comprises the temporary visits of people to the places other than they live and work, their activities in these places during their stay and the opportunities that are created in order to satisfy their needs.The countries give priority to economic benefits of tourism and it is evaluated as one of the most important tools of both country and region development.Because of this, tourism is encouraged particularly in developing countries and is supported by government. The direct and indirect relation of of tourism with many economic activities and its affecting capacity for economic development give rise to importance of the development in the sector.

Today, the share of tourism in the income of countries rises. The competition among tourism regions increses in order to take more share from this mentioned income. According to the data of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization); international tourist arrivals in the world reached to 903 million from 25 million between the years of 1950 and 2007. In 1950s, 98 % of aforementioned tourist arrivals were shared by only fifteen destinations but, today these destinations become diversified in parallel with the rise of new destinations. The data related with tourism reveal that this sector which is an important economis sector has been growing since the end of the 20th century. In this context, for Turkey which is rated in the top ten countries according to both tourist arrivals and tourism income by the 2008 data of UNWTO, the importance of  tourism sustainability cannot be ignored. In this sense, some objectives are determined for the usage of natural, cultural, historical and geographical merits in the balance of conservation and usage and  for increasing the share of Turkey in tourism by creating new alernatives in the content of  ‘Tourism Strategy of Turkey (2023)’ and ‘The Activity Plan (2007-2013)’ which is prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Atılım University
Department of Tourism Management

If the importance of tourism in the economy of Tukey and its employment capacity is consider, it can be seen  that there is a  need for qualified personnel for the fields of hotel management, transportation, food and beverage management and travel management.

The main objective of the department is to satisfy the need of middle and upper level of management personnel in the sectors of accomodation, travel, transportation, congress and conference and guidance services with the people having ethical values and hospitality as their main principle.


The curriculum of our department is designed to fulfill students with practical and theoretical knowledge of tourism industry. The courses of food and beverage, front office, and housekeeping includes practice and the courses related with tourism-environment relations and new assumptions of tourism are supported by field studies. Some of the practice courses are conducted in 4 and 5-star hotels and other tourism institutions. In the second year of the department curriculum, students have the opportunity of practicing their theoretical knowledge during their summer practice in 4 and 5-star national and international hotel chains and in group A travel agencies. In the third and fourth year of study, a second foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc...) is given as a compulsory course. Moreover, our students have the chance of participating the courses actively by using the benefit of the small scales of classrooms.

Furthermore, our students have the opportunity to meet with sector professionals by the help of the conferences that are conducted by our department. Our students can practice their theoretical knowledge by the help of their compulsory summer training at the and of their second year