Tourism Management Master Programme (with Thesis) Course List

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Elective Courses

Compulsory Departmental Courses

- Graduate Free Elective

ISL555 - Research Methods

TUR 500 - Seminar
Research methods, data types and data collecting, statistical techniques for analyzing data, using charts and graphics, reporting of researches

TUR 501 - General Tourism
The subjects as introdustion to basic notions and that describes general subjects about tourism will be given to students

TUR 503 - Tourism Legislation
Specialties of tourism law, notions, and three main laws that are numbered as 2634, 1618 and 4848 in Tourism Law.

TUR 599 -

Elective Courses

TUR 510 - Tourism economy
Tourism economy and term of strategy, science of tourism and economy, economic importance of tourism, tourism supply and demand, tourism market, economic impacts of tourism.

TUR 511 - Marketing in Tourism
Marketin notion, marketing planning, tourism marketing, touristic product, tourism markets, delivering systems in tourism and all related subject with tourism and marketing.

TUR 512 - Alternative Tourism
Definition of Alternative Tourism, Objectives, Scope and Types, Alternative Tourism and Development Areas Tourism product diversification, Tourism product diversification in Turkish tourism, Religious Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Nature Tourism, Health Tourism, Advantages and Disadvantages of Turkey in Alternative Tourism

TUR 513 - Hospitality Management
After giving basic information of the concept of accommodation The classification of accommodation companies in Turkey and in the world will be criticized. The concepts of management and managing, the functions, organizational theory and the organization analysis will be explored. In the last five week; the presentations of the students will be the topics of arguments.

TUR 514 - Travel Management
To introduce enterprises are in travel business, their foundation, juristicial and organizational structure.

TUR 515 - Food and Beverage Management
F&B department, restaurant, bar, menu, menu types, drink selection, service types, guest relations, F&B marketing

TUR 517 - Tourism Transportation
Tourism travels, the historical development, importance of transportation in tourism, the functions, marketing of transportation services and confronted problems, place and importance of land, air, sea and railway transportation in tourism, coordination between transportation and travel businesses, confronted problems and solution proposals

TUR 518 - Tourism İnvestment Projects Evaluation
The structure and general characteristics of tourism industry, Tourism, investment and basic terms, Tourism investment incentives and credits